Prayer Pal Ministry

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The Missionette Girls Clubs are in need of Christian ladies who would be interested in becoming a Prayer Pal to a girl(s) in the Daisies- Kindergarten, Prims- 1st and 2nd, Stars- 3rd and Stars- 4 & 5th grades.

The greatest need would be primarily to pray for the girls and to have a positive influence in their lives as Christian examples. More information will be shared in our next scheduled meeting.

Please register your interest in the age and club of the Prayer Pal girl. Thank you and God bless!

For the Pray Pal ladies that have a Prayer Pal girl presently, a special Prayer Pal mingle is planned for Wednesday, August 30th in the new class room of your Prayer Pal girl. This will be a wonderful time to reconnect and have fun in her classroom doing crafts together.

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  • Aug 1
    6:30 pm
    Aug 1
    7:30 pm